Catalogue of services

At Dakota Photos we offer comprehensive solutions to create Photo & Video merchandising for a variety of venues and events. In order to provide a personalised service, for 25 years we have been creating solutions that cover the complete cycle. That’s why Dakota Photos not only offers state of the art technology in content and creative development, but also solid systems for sales management, printing, online downloading and results analysis. With all of this, the client has a business model support with which to exploit and maximise the profitability of their installation.

    360 Client Support

    (Photo & Video)

    At Dakota Photos we want our clients to be sure they receive the most complete service possible in the least amount of time. That is why we offer a 360° service that includes everything necessary to get a complete service with an extraordinary quality. From the preliminary study of the facilities to the sales management, through the design and manufacture of the furniture, as well as the technological structure.

    Commercial Consulting

    (Photo & Video)

    With our personalised "ad hoc" service we adapt to those clients who do not always have the need to contract us for a complete management of the service.

    Therefore, we offer commercial, operational and management advice and consultancy service, with which to improve those aspects that have required a review, thus obtaining a better service and greater profitability of their facilities.

    Human Resources/[HHRR] Solutions for Operations

    (Photo & Video)

    Thanks to our experience in the global management of work teams (job post analysis, profile definition, selection and in-service training...), several companies have hired our services, either for a continuous and updated training, or in the form of workshops for their own sales team, or for a customised global selection process, depending on our clients’ priorities.

    At the request of some clients, we manage third party businesses directly with our staff, so that we relieve clients of one of the tasks that takes up most of their time and dedication without losing control of their business.

    Image Exploitation Legal Consultancy

    Dakota Photos has always been concerned with the strict application of all necessary measures to safeguard our clients’ privacy and image. For this reason, we provide the necessary legal structure to apply all protocols established in the LOPD and the European Union [EU] Regulation.