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Selwo Marina

Costa del Sol Málaga

In this wildlife park and dolphinarium, as in Selwo Aventura, we faced one of our most challenging tasks concerning the treatment of the image obtained with Chroma technology… To place a set outdoors to capture the image of visitors, even with sunlight in the background!


This difficulty was compounded by the location of the set, a side-bounded outdoor corridor, bi-directional, where visitors could reach our position from either side of the installation.



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Finally, our task was to complement the photography service that the park itself managed, by immortalising visitors with the only animals to which there was no direct access: the penguins.


Our staff shared spaces with the park, including the viewing and sale points. There, users could see the photographs taken by the Park staff together with our own photos, offering a win-win combo.


It was a matter of adaptation, synergies and complementation

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