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Open Camp


In 2016, the Open Camp Theme Park, dedicated to the world of sports, opened at Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the thrill of competing in the iconic Olympic Park (Anella Olímpica) that hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Olympic Games as well as some of the world’s most important sporting events. Visitors did not just walk around the facility, but actively participated in the different events, following the official Olympic protocols.


After several interviews with the Open Camp management and after analysing and studying the information received, Dakota Photos agreed to be the company responsible for capturing these emotions in different graphic supports, making a firm commitment to high levels of technology and management and focusing on direct sales to visitors.



DAKOTA Salto de Longitud

DAKOTA Beisbol


DAKOTA Salida 100m



We designed a photography concept that captured the visitor’s complete experience, as opposed to the traditional single photo that used to be taken in other Parks.


We installed an automatic photo device that used sensors that captured the effort of visitors in the 100 m sprint, long jump, 400 m hurdles, archery, boxing, football, Podium and Olympic Torch events. By means of a personal electronic bracelet, which kept the client’s privacy and met all digital security requirements, we classified these photographs and visitors could complete a passport sticker with their performance in each of the events.

We also made the recording, broadcasting and classification of the entire 100m race.

We incorporated the automatic recording of the 360º, an installation used by professional football teams to improve the coordination of their players’ movements.

Finally, the 180° installation completed the offer, which made a three-dimensional surround composition, through 24 photographic cameras, of the jump of visitors stopping a ball as goalkeepers.

Weeks before the inauguration of the Park, we also took on the management of its official merchandising shop.

We coordinated a technical and sales team of around 50 people.


For us, it was the most complete technological installation we have carried out to date, as it combined the maximum possible number of systems in a single Theme Park.

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