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Montjuich Cable Car


After the complete refurbishment of the Montjuïch Cable Car, managed by the Barcelona City Council and located on the Magic Mountain, an attempt was made to improve profitability by providing some special services. Dakota Photos was hired to manage one of them: a souvenir photography for visitors.


The main difficulty lay in fitting a system for capturing photographs in the hall, while maintaining its avant-garde design and without breaking its essence. Also, in bridging the distance between the space where the pictures were taken and the receiver that linked the connection from the base station to the final station, where visitors could view and purchase their photograph.



DAKOTA Telefèric Montjuïch



DAKOTA Navidad

DAKOTA Portafoto

We designed furniture integrated into the aesthetics of the space. In order to avoid having to wire part of the space, we devised a wireless installation solid enough to overcome the distance and the “obstacle” formed by the visitors.

We also organised the protocols to assemble and dismantle the whole installation on a daily basis, as it was an open-air space that had to be protected.

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