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Fujifilm Cosmetic Line

Fujifilm is a global company with a countless number of units and activities. Due to its master of collagen, the main component of photographic film, Fujifilm launched a line of cosmetics, the basis of which is precisely collagen. It was the company with the most patents in this sector during the year the product was launched. Its ambassador was Naomi Watts, won the prize for the best cosmetic product in Japan, and achieved unanimous recognition in the Asian market.


To market this line in Spain, Fujifilm relied on Dakota Photos, due to the excellent relationship kept over the previous years, and our ability to create and structure a commercial sales network. From the selection to the training and management of the staff. Our staff actively participated in the shop that Fujifilm opened in Barcelona specially for the occasion, as well as at the different corners in El Corte Inglés.

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