DAKOTA PHOTOS / About Dakota Photos

Specialists in PhotoCompositions

With more than 20 years of experience creating PhotoCompositions for Tourist, Cultural and Event Installations, at Dakota Photos we capture special moments in privileged enclaves, turning them into unique PhotoMemories.

With more than 5 million smiles photographed, we strive to get that snapshot that moves you when you see it 5, 10, 15… years later. That special photograph that proudly resides in your hall or that you carry everywhere in your wallet. Good memories are part of the best moments of our lives. A hug with the players of your favorite team, seeing the little ones together with the protagonists of their favorite cartoons, once again enjoying the emotions of a sunset on the roof of the enigmatic Alhambra… Immortalizing those moments is our commitment to you.

Since 1996, at Dakota we have worked so that your most precious memories last forever and you can access them whenever you want. Today we have a presence in 8 cities, and we were pioneers of Chroma technology in Spain, turning an empty space into a unique world full of magic.

We capture your smiles, your most special moments and turn them into emotional eternal images. Memories that you can share with your loved ones.

How can we help your installation?

Always starting from a premise of mutual collaboration that allows both parties to grow and improve, at Dakota Photos we achieve an increase in revenue, and therefore the profitability, of the facilities, by professionally managing the capture of the emotions of visitors to through the image, turning the photographs into the best memory of the visit.

We increase not only the profitability of the installation, but also its visibility through our communication on networks and the visualization of the images captured in the parks.

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How do we make your installation profitable?

Dakota Photos revolves around two fundamental aspects: excellence in customer service and technological innovation. A company is a reflection of the people that make it up. That is why we select our staff meticulously and train them humanly, technologically and commercially.

We combine this with constant technological innovation that has led us to design, programme and offer all the necessary solutions for the provision of the service, adopting customised solutions for each client

Personalised service

We first meet with our clients to analyse their objectives and priorities. This way, we structure a tailor-made service for them. We relieve them of the work involved in deploying a complex structure so that they can focus on other aspects of their facility. We expand the services offered and provide the Centre with a first-class technological facility.

Wherever we provide our services, the outcome is an increase in overall sales together with a lower cost for the Centre, which directly results in an increase in its Operating Margin.

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